8 reasons why we love the heat.


1. The heat warms the muscles and makes them pliable. this allows you to stretch deeply with less chance of injury.

2. Your body will burn fat more effectively, and you could start loosing body mass quickly.

3. As your body heats, the blood capillaries enlarge and allow more oxygen to your cells. This creates the amazing detoxification of your body through sweat.

4. The metabolism speeds up and helps your digestive system as well as the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.

5. The cardiovascular system gets a great workout as your heart rate increases.

6. Your bodies temperature will increase, and just like having a fever, this boosts your t-cell function and your immune system.

7. The increased blood flow will move more effectively to your endocrine, thyroid and lymphatic systems bringing natural healing and balance back into your body.

8. The heat will strengthen your concentration, determination, self control, and will power and in return your self-confidence and general outlook on life will be more positive.