A few practices to make your experience better.

1 TEXT AND CHAT. Check all devices at the studio room door – it will be ok.  On call, kids sick, something super cool happening? (Off the record – silence it and hide it well).

2 CROSS TALKING. We love our yoga buddies too – feel free to chat it up before and after class!

3 LAUNDRY. We practice in a hot studio and the energy spreads instantly - which we LOVE! Let’s keep it clean – brush & floss your teeth (good for all our exhalations) and only use fresh towels and clothes.  

4 TIGHT ON TIME. Running late...  Got to leave early... No worries. Some yoga is always better than NO yoga! 

5 radi8 UNION. We move together as one. It creates “the vibe” and the vibe attracts the tribe! Modifications and breaks are always supported!

6 COMMITMENT. Just do your best. It is that simple; it doesn’t matter what it looks like – it matters what it feels like. Commit to moving in a way that feels good!

7 WATCH THE SWEAT FLINGING. Be aware of your yoga friends!

8 TURN IT UP. We like our music loud and it's mostly censored.