1 PREP. Sign the digital waiver online to save time when you arrive.

2 ARRIVAL. Get to the studio 15 minutes before class begins.  We want to take special care of you and get you all set up.

3 OUTFIT. This is HOT yoga! Wear breathable fabrics, that you can easily move in.  Check jackets, socks, shoes, cell phones and all stresses at the door.

4 HYDRATE. Arrive hydrated before class – yes, you will sweat a lot and preparation is key!  Empty stomach is always recommended too.

5 PACK. Yoga mat, towel (yogitoe), water.  You can purchase or rent all of these at our studio or bring your own.  These are required for practice but don’t worry – we will let you borrow a mat & towel on your first visit!

6 ENJOY. Stay in the room.  If you get hot, need a break – take one.  Keep it simple and enjoy the experience.

7 EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Good for you for trying something new! Saying “yes” to new experiences fulfills our life. 

8 BREATHE. If you are breathing, you are doing yoga. Is that a relief or what? No expectations; no judgments!