Arm Balance Workshop

This class is taught by:

Jacob Daffner

Where is your favorite place in the world to travel?
Wyoming or Colorado, but really anywhere with mountains
Favorite brunch food?
Breakfast burritos
What is one food you could never give up?
It’s hard to pick just one, but I couldn’t live without Thai Panang Curry.
What is your favorite season?
Music Festival Season... all year long ;)
Ice Cream or Chips & Dip?
Chips & (Spicy) Dip
One of your favorite quotes?
“Become not the pray-er, but the prayer.”
Who inspires you?
Jerry Garcia
Jake or J
Want to explore ways of adding arm balances into your practice? Then this workshop is perfect for you! We will be discussing step by step how to set up and transition into a variety of arm balancing postures. This will be an all levels workshop going over the basics while also addressing the fine tuning and advancing in each pose for more advanced practitioners.  
The workshop is open to the public and only $25!