FIRST SWEAT?                  radi8 SANCTUARY                  WHY THE HEAT 


radi8HOT is a 65 minute class with a set series of yoga poses. the poses may be the same each time you come to your mat, but guess what - you are different every time! we combine traditional hot yoga static postures with a dynamic power flow to create a radi8ing energy. we infuse the room with heat and humidity for a perfect balance of stillness and upbeat flow! this daily practice is your reset to keep your mind clear and your heart open with our teachers
simply as your guide.

room radi8s at 103-105F
with 55-70% humidity. 


this energizing vinyasa flow experience will have you smiling for days while you simultaneously build strength in the mind and body. connecting breath and movement, this heated class will make you feel good on the inside and radi8 love and goodness on the outside!

room radi8s at 98-100F
with 40% humidity.